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Scott Graham
Coach Scott Graham

265 Franklin St #1702
Boston, MA 02110

tel: (617) 475-0081



Scott Graham has been described as "driven", "balanced", "always growing", and "a coach with an insane amount of knowledge about everything."

When he is not helping professionals grow their businesses and careers, he puts out fires and saves lives (as a firefighter & EMT), runs Tough Mudders, practices Vipassana meditation, manages a farm and animal rescue, writes books and vacations (at least 7 a year).

Scott is a Myers Brigg's INTJ and DiSC DI.

He's a HUGE audiophile, Disney World fanatic, Distinguished Toastmaster, Trekkie.

He has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, GR20, and
Long Trail.

Besides "career coach" and "business coach", Scott has been known as a: "personal trainer", "health coach", "Quickbooks ProAdvisor", "substance abuse counselor", "rostered psychotherapist", and "ordained minister".

Bernie Kettle
Coach Bernie Kettle

Stamford, CT



Bernie Kettle is the high-profit productivity expert and leading authority in helping heart-based entrepreneurs skyrocket their profits while working less hours.

He believes that every heart-based business owner can generate huge profit, impact, and good in the world.  His purpose is to help them make the required shift that ensures that their businesses become the change they deep down wish to see in the world.

His special gift: pinpointing the #1 thing in your business to bring in the most money and biggest impact.

Robert Rosenfeld has this to say: "As a result of working with Bernie, my net worth went from $0 to over half a million and growing - in less than a year."

Bernie originally hails from Liverpool, England, and now resides in the metro area of New York City.

And he loves playing squash, going to Indian restaurants with friends, and all things chocolate!